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Welcome To Iuvare Cyber

We are the next generation cyber company
We help enable you to join in the cyber fight!

Cyber Awareness

Educating you on the latest cyber threats. This includes a weekly Cyber.Now Podcast

Career Mentoring

This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and help train the next generation of cyber warriors.

Incident Management and Response

We assit your company through any incident or cyber event.

Virtual CISO

Using cutting edege technology we work to mature your cyber program.


Iuvare Cyber produces the Cyber.Now Podcast and supports the production of the Books Over Beer the Podcast Edition..

Information Sharing

Want to keep up with all the latest cyber threats targeting your industry and region? We can connect you with the appropriate Information Sharing and Analyis Organization (ISAO).

The Fastest Way To a more secure state

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Who we are


Iuvare Cyber

We are focused on building long term relationships and strong partnerships with our clients and community. We use our experience and knowledge as the foundation. The time has come to bring clarity to the chaos. We understand that cyber can be overwhelming for many. It is our goal to work along side you to address these issues unique to you.

It's not a matter of if you will be hit with a cyber attack, it is a matter of when. Now that you have a partner to work along side you what's stopping you from taking the next step.



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News & Updates

" Iuvare Cyber, LLC Joins Far-Reaching Initiative to Promote the Awareness of Online Safety and Privacy for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month "

Nick Sturgeon, CEO


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